Aug. 30th, 2013

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Title: Obscura
Author/Artist: [ profile] twilightscribe, tonosamanjuu, assasyngal
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: James Bond/Q ; includes very one-sided Dominic Greene/Q ; Dominic Greene, Silva, Vesper, Severine
Warnings/Content: Highlight to read *Warnings are for blood, torture, violence, implied and threatened rape, threats of forced non-consensual impregnation, violence against animals, disturbing images of childbirth, character death, and other horror themes. Contains talk of male impregnation and pregnancy, werewolf!Bond, other mythological and alchemical ideas and elements.*
Medium/Word count: 35517 words
Summary: When he woke up in a dungeon, it was only the start of this living nightmare he found himself in. The only ally that Q finds in this place is a wolf that isn't all he appears to be. As it stands, though, with him being chased after for something he doesn't know or understand, Q has one goal in mind: survive.
Notes: Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to write a 00Q Haunting Ground AU. This was a labour of intense love and a good amount of obsessive MUST FINISH FOR THE GREATER GOOD. I have to say, I'm happy with finishing it – it's my first time successfully completing a big bang. Damn, I am so proud of myself why are you so long fic you should not be this long.
Disclaimer: I cannot stake a claim to Skyfall nor any other affiliated parts of the James Bond franchise, not to mention any other influences of which you might find traces or references within.

Link to fic: Obscura on Dreamwidth ; Obscura on Ao3
Link to art: art by tonosamanjuu || art by assasyngal


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