Apr. 3rd, 2013 03:56 pm
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In just under a month (April 30th, midnight GMT), all writers should have submitted their 10k rough drafts to me. What will happen is that I'll run a word-count check on the drafts and then on May 1st, I'll make a post of all fic summaries for the artists to claim.

If you can't meet the word count but would still like to participate, please contact me. I'll make exceptions on a case by case basis. If you need to drop out, you can either let me know or just refrain from handing in a draft. I will NOT be chasing up drafts - if it's not in by the deadline, you're out of the big bang.

All drafts should be sent to this email address: 00qbang [at] gmail [.] com as an attachment. (All filetypes should work just fine.)
In the body of the email, please post an extensive summary (not the one you'd post with your fic, but a summary that gives the artists a more in-depth idea of what your fic is about. You don't have to reveal any twists or spoilery plot-points.)
If there are warnings for your fic, please add those too.

When all the fics have been claimed, I will email the draft to the artists who claimed the fic (with the writer on CC). From there, it's up to the artist-writer team to figure out the level of collaboration.

The final deadline for all works is July 1st. Further information about the deadline and posting will go up later.
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