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Here's how claims are going to work:

- All fic summaries have been anonymised and supplied with a number. Some summaries have warnings and ratings as well; if a summary has no warnings it is because either there were no warnings or I wasn't supplied with them.
- Using this form:

You make your claims. Second choice is there in case somebody beat you to your first choice.
- Post the filled out claims form in the comments to this post. Comments will be screened.

I'll confirm claims and send out the summaries once all fics have been claimed. (NB! This might take a few days! We're not all in the same timezone.) Writers will be CC'ed on the email. I expect artists and writers to communicate with each other for the remainder of the fest.

We have an overweight of artist sign ups compared to the final count of drafts - 31 artists to 18 drafts. Nine of you said in your sign up forms that you would like to illustrate more than one fic, and 12 of you said you might consider illustrating more than one fic.

So, the way we're going to do this is, there will be two rounds of claims. In the second round of claims priority will be given to those artists who didn't manage to claim in the first round and those artists who already claimed in the first round will come second. I'm aware that this isn't a perfect system, but it's the best I can do under the circumstances.

When a fic has been claimed once, I'll change the colour of the text to green. That means that fic can't be claimed again until the second claiming round.

First claiming round closed! Second claims will open tomorrow, Friday, at approximately nine pm GMT+1 (Copenhagen). More details on that to come.

Second claims open!

The second round of claims is going to be much more relaxed. Anyone is welcome to claim a draft - even if you haven't signed up before (in which case I ask you to give me your email address when you make your claim). I'll send out the emails as the claims happen, instead of waiting for all fics to be claimed before sending the emails out.

Please be aware that there's no guarantee that all fics will be claimed in the second round. When a fic has been claimed in the second round, the summary will be striked out, like so. That means that the striked out fic summary can't be claimed anymore.

And now to the list of fic summaries:

Rating: R (or higher)
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *currently undetermined, but possibly non-graphic/off-screen references to substance abuse and torture*
He doesn't remember how it all began, but James finds himself one day leading two different lives.

He is Bond, a 00 agent for MI6. The best, if anyone asks. He lives a dangerous life and he likes it that way. Then he goes to sleep and wakes up in a different world where he is James, the owner of Joy In A Cup, a small, out of the way coffee shop that only a few people know of. His days are quiet and he’s more than perfectly content with the life he leads.

It all comes to a head when one day a grad student steps into his cafe and begins to spend every afternoon there, hunched over his laptop and using up all the bandwidth of the free Wi-Fi James installed in the cafe. Then not a few days later, he is introduced to the new quartermaster, who apparently shares the same face as his coffee shop regular.

James finds himself drawn to the shy introverted graduate student, who is polite and generous and everything his quartermaster isn't. But when he's at MI6 he can't help but be impressed at how confident and competent Q is, and it doesn't help that Q is blatantly flirting with him.

And now James thinks he's going crazy because he isn't sure which life is real--which life he wants to be real.

Notes: (for the artist) First of all, let me say that English is not my first language. I'm passable enough (I think) but since this is unbetaed, the draft WILL have mistakes of the ESL variety. I'm sorry for that. Next, if you happen to choose my fic (thank you!), please note that this is a very loose draft. A lot of things can and will change during the editing process; some minor scenarios can be deleted or added and some of the dialogue can be changed. The only thing that won't change are the sequence of events which you can find at the end of the draft. All I ask is that you don't include dialogue in the art or draw from detailed descriptions of things/places in the fic. You're welcome to loosely interpret anything. Or maybe you can tell me beforehand what you're planning to draw so that I don't mess with that part too much.

Summary: A Haunting Grond AU. Waking up alone and naked in a dungeon, Q only has vague memories of a car crash and no idea how he got here. The castle he finds himself in is a maze of passages and secrets, populated by strange and disturbing individuals – the emotionless yet beautiful Severine; the feathered woman Vesper; the chilling Dominic; and the mysterious Silva. All of them want something from him that he knows nothing of and are determined to have it – no matter the cost. The only ally he has is a wolf named James who is more than what he appears to be. For now, the only thing Q can do is survive and try to find a way to escape with his life.
Warnings/Contains: Warnings are for blood, torture, violence, implied and threatened rape, threats of forced non-consensual impregnation, violence against animals, disturbing images of childbirth, character death, and other horror themes. Also contains talk of male pregnancy and impregnation, werewolves, and other mythological/alchemical ideas and elements.

Warnings/content: non-pairing-centric character death, violence
Notes: a Temeraire!crossover, though prior knowledge of the series is not essential


This is a story about choices. About murder. About grief. About anger and fear and hope, and all the things we end up doing because of each.

This is a story about push and pull. About dancing around each other, quartermaster to agent, cross-continent and undercover.

This is a story of compromise. Espionage. Secrets. Plans gone wrong and feelings all askew.

But above all, this is a story about spies with dragons.

(Or to be more succinct: British nationals keep dying overseas, there's probably a militant religious group in the background that's on the brink of sending London into a mass panic and in the midst of it all, some dragons think things would be a lot simpler if a certain double-oh agent would just get together with the Quartermaster already.)

An AU with dragons, murder and a whole lot of mayhem.

Rating: R
Pairing/characters: Bond/Q, past Bond/Vesper
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *language, violence, torture*
Summary: Criminals AU: James Bond is a gun for hire when a mysterious stranger asks him to kill a hacker that only goes by Q. Once Bond finds Q they come to realize that Bond's employer intends to kill them both. By working together they escape with their lives and decide to combine their skills becoming the most notorious pair of criminals. Meanwhile newly appointed 007 Agent Eve Moneypenny is tasked with finding the pair but there is something else going on in the criminal underworld. Will she find the criminals she is looking for or end up over her head?

Rating: T
Summary: Bond takes it upon himself to teach Q how to drive despite having a terrible personal record of good driver safety habits and a propensity of destroying one beautiful expensive car after another. Q is no stranger to cars, be it from working on the high-tech project cars in Q branch to being kidnapped in them, but he has never had the distinct experience of being in one with James Bond. It isn't just the enclosed space and close proximity that worry him, it's the way Bond seems to think Q is a mission to the completed whether Q likes it or not.

Humans are not as alone in the universe. There are other realms, other races which coexist on earth, hidden in the few shadows which humanity has not touched.
The Faey are such a race. Known as the Guardians of the Earth, their job is to protect the Earth and cultivate it - like gardeners. Every thirty human years, a Faey is chosen by Fate to have their Rage awoken. They are given a target, a human, to hunt down and kill to gain their ather becoming one of the chosen raised to be a Protector of the Earth. There is great honour to be chosen by Fate to travel into the human realm, an honour which is not lightly thrown away.
Q is chosen to travel into the human world, where he waits for the one Fate has chosen to kill to appear. Yet his target is not as he expected, and soon Q finds himself not wishing to kill his charge, a small boy named James Bond.
However, Fate does not like to be ignored.
This story follows Q as he deals with the effects of his decision to fight his nature and let James live. As he watches James grow up, Q becomes drawn deeper and deeper into the human world. The Skin he wears to make himself looks human becomes less of a costume and more a part of who he is, his identity.
As he struggles with his identity, his time working with James in MI6 makes him realise how interesting the 00 agent really is. Even though he has followed James throughout his life, for the first time in the human world he finds himself talking to someone who understands him. Their banter and battles of wit soon become legendary throughout MI6, and with the encouragement of a few of his human friends, Q soon finds himself involving in a relationship.
However, as much as Q wants to forget his true identity, Fate does not. Just as he is beginning to realise his love for James, the Rage is unleashed in its full force and terror. Q struggles as his mind and nature threaten to rip himself apart as he has to choose between himself or James’ safety.
Q does the same thing he has done all of his life.

Warnings - Violence (although minimal as it's only T), a bit of swearing

Warnings: mention of Panic Attacks, mild manipulations
In the aftermath of Skyfall Bond tries to pick up the pieces that are left of him. He struggles with finding a new purpose, now that the person his world revolved around, the only person left worth caring for, is dead. He has to deal with the fact that Queen and Country might never were the things driving him forward, keeping him alive.
When Bond wanders aimlessly around HQ a few days after the Skyfall incident, trying to sort out these thoughts, he stumbles upon Q, who is throwing up into one of the solitary toilets of the MI6 training rooms. It quickly becomes apparent that Bond is not the only one suffering in the aftermaths of Skyfall and he finds an unexpected companion in Q. Moreover he finds an unexpected purpose in caring for the young man, as well as someone to come back home to.
But while Bond gradually heals day after day, mission after mission, Q is constantly dragged deeper by the daemons that hound him since Skyfall.
Q's past catches up with him in a way he never thought possible and he finds himself on a path so dark he knows he will never emerge into light again. Suddenly he is thrown into a world where everything he learned and believed is a lie, and it leaves him walking on the edge of the live he has built for himself and the live that was meant for him. And while he is aware of the fact that there is no happy ending for him, not anymore, he still sees himself falling in love with Bond.
Will Q be able to break his ties with Bond before Q has to make the final step into darkness, or will Bond find out about Q's demons and put it to an end himself?
(There is a happy ending planed at the moment, but until that it's going to be pretty angsty!)

Main Points are:
- Q and Bond dealing with grief
- Q and Bond slowly falling for each other (and both fighting it)
- Q having to lie to Bond (though he really just wants to protect him)
- Bond struggling with his priorities and purposes
- Silva being a very charming asshole

Buffy/00Q crossover
Bond thought he’d seen all there was to see of the world, from the seedy underbelly to the top of the tallest buildings, and every variation of person to populate the spaces in between.

It took getting involved with the Quartermaster, who apparently moonlighted as a monster-fighter, to learn just how wrong he was.

Bondlock AU, Post-Skyfall, Post-Reichenbach, Explicit
Q is the youngest Holmes and head over heels for Bond. After Skyfall he notices some changes in Bond which are dismissed by Tanner and Mallory. When he asks Mycroft for advice, they decide to get John hired as new doctor for MI6. Bond is of course happy to see his friend again, even if he wonders about John's connection to Q. It takes John's kidnapping for Bond to learn the big secret of the Holmes family and after John's rescue he is conflicted by his loyalty for John who still suffers from Sherlock's suicide and his new found affection (love?) who wants to keep his brother's secret.

Character/Pairings: Eventual OOQ; Focuses on Bond and Q and their daemons, with appearances of Moneypenny and Mallory as the current M.
Warnings: Mature for (some) violence; experimental testing involving high levels of electricity with consent
Summary: Post-Skyfall. Fusion with Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (HDM) verse – namely, that all humans have a daemon (the physical manifestation of a human’s soul in animal form). Does not reference any characters or events in HDM, but follows the same principles/canon elements regarding daemons (the human-daemon proximity rule, the phenomenon of separation/intercision, daemon etiquette)

The overarching plot is this: after a failed interrogation during which the target attacks and kills the daemon of an MI6 agent (which immediately kills the agent), Q begins designing a device that targets the human-daemon bond link, to be used by a daemon against their attackers in the event their human counterpart is knocked out or incapacitated. 007 and his daemon tries to learn more about the device, eventually volunteering to test out the effects of the device to help Q complete the prototype.

The secondary, character driven plot(s) include these:
- For Bond, the events at Skyfall mean more than losing a strong mentor (fem!M) or confronting someone he could one day before (Silva). His link with his daemon isn't quite the same after Moneypenny shot him in Istanbul; although they are still close, Bond feels (but does not visibly show) an overwhelming need to protect his daemon. Of course, Bailey feels quite the same, and their reckless streak lead them to pushing the limits of the human-daemon bond in an attempt to preserve it.

- Q, on the other hand, is trying to balance his need to build solutions/solve puzzles (inventing the device), his uneasiness at experimenting on the human-daemon link, and fending off M(allory), who thinks it's only logical if the new weapon does its job in protecting his field agents, ethics entirely secondary to practicality.

Some pertinent facts:
- Bond's daemon is Bailey, a European red fox.
- Q's daemon is Estelle, a snowy owl.

Pairing/characters: Probably Gen. Q POV, appearances from most of MI6 and some OCs

Warnings/content: Highlight to read *Vague hints at past violence and prison experiences, nightmares and vague ptsd, probably some on-page violence coming up, coding is about as realistic as it was in the movie, may get long*

Summary: Q has shaking hands, a slight alcohol problem and can't sleep for more than a few hours at a time thanks to the nightmares.

Mallory assumes it's due to the secret message in Silva's code that could only have been meant for Q. The message that was either a threat or a warning.

His therapist blames the three and a half years in prison.

Q is inclined to side with her on this one.

Warnings: Brief mention of Ephebophilia. Dubcon-ish kiss? Though it's mostly played for laughs.

Generally crack, with side helpings of romance and angst. Bond walks in on Q monitoring agents having sex during missions, and complains to HR about it. Word spreads to the other agents, and suddenly all of them request not to have Q as their handler, because they don't want a minor being exposed to pornography. It turns out that since he keeps turning down Bond, all the agents believe that he's an underage virgin; they can't imagine any other reason why he would reject 007. After an agent gets injured in the middle of a mission which Q should have been handling, Q goes to Bond and asks to sleep with him. Bond turns him down and Q issues a bounty: he offers to award a lightsaber to whomever can help him achieve his goal. MI6 descends into madness and it takes the intervention of Moneypenny and two other powerful women of MI6 to finally bring Q and Bond together.

Rating:PG-13 (but edging towards a paranoid R)
Pairing/characters: Bond/Q, Q/Eve friendship; James Bond, Q, Eve, OCs
Warnings/content: Highlight to read * References to murder, attempted suicide, onscreen attempted suicide, aftermath of graphic violence *
Summary: 'You don't have my permission to die. Q swears he didn't mean it the way it turned out - 007's missions are always a little more tense, a little more fraught with danger - but he can't say he's sorry if Bond's a little more immortal than he used to be. Unfortunately, not only is Bond wholly ungrateful, he wants it fixed and he wants it fixed now, which means an uncomfortable revelation regarding Q's family tree and eventually a trip to the Underworld via a rather specialised Tube station to ask a/the god of death how you go about lifting these sorts of accidental blessings. Also, Q has an army of cats, Eve is HBIC, Bond reads Lord of the Rings, and various faces from the past return not so much to haunt us as dispense useful advice and careful insults in equal measure.

Bondlock fic: Quain is the third son of the Queen of England. Bond is his bodyguard. Q gets caught hacking MI6 and, due to his position, they can't prosecute him so they offer him a job instead. He turns them down because he is a spoiled brat. Bond and Q break up because James disagrees with his decision. Several weeks pass until a catastrophic event brings them back together.

Rating: adult (themes of death/murder, some blood, non-explicit and offscreen sex)
Pairing/characters: Bond/Q. Past pairings (some of which appear in flashbacks): Q/OMC, Q/T.E Lawrence, Bond/Vesper, Bond/others mentioned in passing. M/Silva mentioned in passing. Other characters: M, Silva, Severine, Eve, Felix.
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *Major character deaths throughout, because this is an AU where Q and Bond are grim reapers. Q starts the story dead, Bond dies quickly after, but both are effectively immortal throughout the story. Permanent deaths (i.e. not becoming reapers) happen as in Skyfall, plus Boothroyd as Q, Loelia Ponsonby, Kincaide, and several OCs (including a child). References to torture (mainly Q on the receiving end), some murders with associated gore (Severine, OCs, Q), and some minor bloodplay (Q helps Bond dig out the shrapnel from his shoulder and he likes it).*
Summary: Close to canon AU. Slight fusion with the TV show “Dead Like Me” — some of the universe from the TV show is used, some is original. You definitely don’t need to have watched the show for it to make sense — it’s probably better if you haven’t. Bond is MI6’s latest reaper: a conveyer of souls from this world to the afterlife. Q has been with MI6 since the beginning, and he’s so lonely that he wants to die — except for the fact that he’s already dead and has been for a hundred years or so. M has no idea what to do with either of them, but someone’s just blown up her office and a hacker called Silva is on the loose. Skyfall happens, but with Bond and Q falling together throughout it, and Bond learning to be a reaper, and learning about Q, who has a miserable past (he tended to pick the wrong people to fall in love with and/or to trust, including MI6 and M), but with the arrival of Bond, might be able to find his way forward to a happier future. For Bond’s part, he might just have finally found a delightful someone who won’t die on him. Bond/Q endgame.
Style — short-ish scenes in third person. The majority are in Bond or Q’s POV, but there are several in M’s POV, Severine’s, and a few more minor characters. There’s some inclusion of emails, reports, and transcripts between the more narrative scenes. A number of scenes are from Bond and Q’s past; particularly Q’s. The main story is linear; the past scenes are out of order chronologically, but hopefully make sense where they’re placed.
A/N: I am happy to work with any art style and any artist who is over the age of 18. Looking forward to meeting you, artist; my preference is to work collaboratively, and I’ll give you access to whatever you need from the story to help you out (early drafts if you want them, beta draft in gdocs); equally, if upon reading there’s something you want to include/expand on, we can work out how to get it into the story.

Rating: Explicit
Warnings/content: Violence (beyond canon-typical), non-graphic unsafe S&M, submissive themes, and dubcon (in another fandom, I might call it noncon, but 'in the line of duty' is big, confusing part of Bond’s job description--watch your triggers though).
Summary: I’d forgotten me, but there I was, in the palm of your hand. A collection of private messages, emails, chats, articles, transcripts, alerts and introspections chronicling the growing intimacy between a Quartermaster and his agent during iced-in winter mission. Along the way, Bond outs them both at work, remotely rescues Q’s cat, invites Q to move in with him, is surprised to learn he’s got a strong submissive side, and makes it very difficult for Q to keep him alive, even while making absolutely no progress on his mission (and Q’s got quite enough to do on his own). Also, sometimes there are bad guys.

Characters: Q, Bond, Silva, Sévérine, Moneypenny, Sherlock, Mycroft, Moriarty
Warnings: Highlight to read *Silva, Stockholm syndrome, off-screen non-con, trauma bonding, kidnapping, identity issues, claustrophobia, anxiety, panic attacks, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, PTSD, gigantic intimacy issues, terrible pop songs, literary references*
Silva steals the youngest son of two British intelligence officers as recompense for the perceived wrongs of the British Empire, and the child grows up in Silva’s household without the slightest idea of who he is. Fifteen years later, Silva’s hostage is on a mission to discover his real name… and his two very intelligent brothers, who never really believed their youngest sibling was dead, are on his trail as well. Plus, there’s the small matter of the Secret Intelligence Service agent who’s after Silva—and the consulting criminal who believes he may have figured out the identity of Silva’s little trophy child once and for all. Crossover with the BBC’s Sherlock.
Notes: Not all of those warnings apply to one character, thank god.

Warnings to be prepared for (but I promise a happy ending): dehumanisation, implied torture in the name of behaviour readjustment, de-facto slavery

Universe description: Based loosely on the Sentinel (or what I know about it) and inspired by the question of what would it be like if Batman was a job description.

A small part of the population are referred to as Handlers, another part as their Charges. While the Handlers are at least considered people, Charges are more like commodities. They are both considered government property and grow up in state run boarding schools to prepare them for their respective roles.

Charges: Charges are the agents. They have superhuman abilities of varying strength. They are indoctrinated from a young age to use those powers to defend the weak and smite evil. They are taught how to manage their abilities and enhanced senses but not much beyond.

Handlers: They are the Charges’ caretakers. They are taught how to take care for their Charge, provide them with whatever they need, and keep them in line.

The setting: James was once Tracy’s Charge, but when he finally convinced her to marry him, she was killed by a rogue Charge. After that he was passed from Handler to Handler but he just keeps getting rid of them.

Q meanwhile is the top student who just graduated from the Handler’s Academy. He expected to get a newbie Charge to learn with, but instead he got the incomparable James Bond.

Neither is really prepared for the other and things go spectacularly downhill before they can start to go uphill again.

The story: This story follows them on the day they finally meet.

Q cancels their first meeting to learn more about James
James is decidedly unhappy and leaves the compound (against regulations) to get a decent dinner outside the compound
Q stops the retrieval team that would normally be sent out and instead tracks James down by blackmailing Alec
They get their first good look at each other and are both unsure what the hell the administration was thinking by putting them together
They get back to the MI6 compound where they have a short argument in the entryway, culminating in them heading to their shared rooms.
James abandons Q in their rooms and heads out to talk to Alec.
Q explores James' rooms and gains further insight into his Charge's mind.
James returns and they talk it over, deciding to give each other a chance.

additionally: a short sugary epilogue showing them a few months in the future

That was it! On to claiming. *drumroll*

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Choice #2 is awesome, thanks!
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First choice: 4
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