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Title: Do I Wake or Sleep?

Author/Artist: Winterhill / JustGot1 / Gundamuubitch

Rating: Adult

Pairing/characters: Bond/Q. Past pairings (some of which appear in flashbacks): Q/OMC, Q/T.E Lawrence, Bond/Vesper, Bond/others mentioned in passing. M/Silva mentioned in passing. Other characters: M, Silva, Severine, Eve, Felix.

Warnings/content: Highlight to read *Major character deaths throughout, because this is an AU where Q and Bond are grim reapers. Q starts the story dead, Bond dies quickly after but both are effectively immortal throughout the story. Permanent deaths (i.e. not becoming reapers) happen as in Skyfall, but usually lead to a happy afterlife. References to past torture (mainly Q on the receiving end), some murders with associated gore (Severine, OCs), and some extremely minor bloodplay (Q helps Bond dig out the shrapnel from his shoulder and he likes it).*

Word count: ~42500

Summary: Bond is MI6’s latest reaper -- a conveyer of souls from this world to the afterlife -- and he’s not too impressed by his new working conditions. Q has been with the Secret Intelligence Service since the beginning, and he’s so lonely that he wants to die — except for the fact that he’s already dead and has been for a hundred years or so. M has no idea what to do with either of them, but to make matters worse, someone’s just blown up her office and a hacker called Silva is on the loose. Loose fusion with the TV show Dead Like Me — some of the universe from the TV show is used, some is original. You definitely don’t need to have watched the show for it to make sense.

Notes: Thanks to 51stcenturyfox for the beta, and thanks to both artists for your beautiful work ♥

Disclaimer: These are fan works; there is no official association with the creators of either canon.


Fic on AO3

Justgot1’s Art on AO3 | Tumblr

Gundamuubitch’s Fanmix post on Tumblr | Other art on Tumblr (tag, will be updated)
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