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00Q bb - A Rush of Blood to the Head

Title: A Rush of Blood to the Head
Author: Casstea
Artists: Gundamuubitch and Rerumfragmenta
Rating: T
Pairing/characters: (if you have any secondary pairings, you should list them also) James Bond/Q
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *Violence (nothing 15+), swearing*
Medium/Word count: ~25,000 words
Humans are not as alone in the universe. There are other realms, other races which coexist on earth, hidden in the few shadows which humanity has not touched.

The Faey are such a race. Known as the Guardians of the Earth, their job is to protect the Earth and cultivate it - like gardeners. Every thirty human years, a Faey is chosen by Fate to have their Rage awoken. They are given a target, a human, to hunt down and kill to gain their ather becoming one of the chosen raised to be a Guardian of the Earth. There is great honour to be chosen by Fate to travel into the human realm, an honour which is not lightly thrown away.

Q is chosen to travel into the human world, where he waits for the one Fate has chosen to kill to appear. Yet his target is not as he expected, and soon Q finds himself not wishing to kill his charge, a small boy named James Bond.

However, Fate does not like to be ignored.

Notes: Full A/N are in the fic, but after a long time in creation, here is my contribution to the 00Qbb! :)
Disclaimer: I don’t own James Bond, this is written for fun and not for profit. The title of this fic comes from the Coldplay album of the same name. Some scenes and lines are lifted straight out of either Casino Royale or Skyfall, to which I claim no ownership.


Fic: A03/Tumblr

Art: Gundamuubitch (Art Tag/Mix Post), Rerumfragmenta (Art)