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Right! So, because everyone so far seemed in support of the change (I'll update the rules...sometime later), here goes.

Each team picks a posting date via this doodle link! It's that easy. You can only pick one date. Make sure that everyone in your team agrees on your date.

You have until...say, July 15th to choose a date. Once everyone has picked a date, I'll publish a posting schedule. When picking a date only one person from your team should pick. When picking, use your team number!

Your teams are as follows:



















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Hey everyone. :) The deadline is in just under two weeks!

I think we need to talk about both the deadline and posting. The current "rules" for posting are a tad too complicated for my liking, so I want to change them. I also want to change the deadline. A bunch of you have asked for extensions, which is cool! You can have them! But I was thinking of making everything easier on us all and change the current procedure to this:

1) There is no real "deadline" as your deadline is your posting date
2) No one needs to submit anything to me (if you want to, that's fine, but it's not necessary - if you say you're done, I believe you)
3) The writer/artist teams pick a posting date in August
4) The teams post their awesome things on their posting date

So essentially, there'll be no need to post something under lock to be revealed later; you can just post your things on the day you want to post. I just need to know which date you pick, so that I can put up a posting schedule for the world to see. :D
If you don't have an LJ account, you can send me the links to your posts and I'll make the post here on LJ linking to your things. If you make posts on tumblr, you can drop me the links to those too so that I can reblog them on the fest/mod tumblr. If you post on ao3, the collection is here.

How does that sound?
[Poll #1919763]

Discussion in the comments is much appreciated!
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Hello everyone! This is a fairly informal check in post - all you need to do is drop me a line in the comments and let me know how your fic/art is coming along. :D There's a MONTH until you should all have finished your works. ;D

If you're starting to think you need extensions or the like, from now would be a good time to let me know so we can work something out! You can catch me on tumblr, here or via my email 00qbang@gmail.com.

This check in is informal and not mandatory, but I would appreciate it greatly if everyone would take the time over the next week or so to drop me a line or two. :) You can also use this post as a discussion board amongst yourselves if you like and don't forget we have a chatzy room. :)


May. 1st, 2013 11:07 am
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Here's how claims are going to work:

- All fic summaries have been anonymised and supplied with a number. Some summaries have warnings and ratings as well; if a summary has no warnings it is because either there were no warnings or I wasn't supplied with them.
- Using this form:

You make your claims. Second choice is there in case somebody beat you to your first choice.
- Post the filled out claims form in the comments to this post. Comments will be screened.

I'll confirm claims and send out the summaries once all fics have been claimed. (NB! This might take a few days! We're not all in the same timezone.) Writers will be CC'ed on the email. I expect artists and writers to communicate with each other for the remainder of the fest.

We have an overweight of artist sign ups compared to the final count of drafts - 31 artists to 18 drafts. Nine of you said in your sign up forms that you would like to illustrate more than one fic, and 12 of you said you might consider illustrating more than one fic.

So, the way we're going to do this is, there will be two rounds of claims. In the second round of claims priority will be given to those artists who didn't manage to claim in the first round and those artists who already claimed in the first round will come second. I'm aware that this isn't a perfect system, but it's the best I can do under the circumstances.

When a fic has been claimed once, I'll change the colour of the text to green. That means that fic can't be claimed again until the second claiming round.

First claiming round closed! Second claims will open tomorrow, Friday, at approximately nine pm GMT+1 (Copenhagen). More details on that to come.

Second claims open!

The second round of claims is going to be much more relaxed. Anyone is welcome to claim a draft - even if you haven't signed up before (in which case I ask you to give me your email address when you make your claim). I'll send out the emails as the claims happen, instead of waiting for all fics to be claimed before sending the emails out.

Please be aware that there's no guarantee that all fics will be claimed in the second round. When a fic has been claimed in the second round, the summary will be striked out, like so. That means that the striked out fic summary can't be claimed anymore.

And now to the list of fic summaries:

fic summaries )


Apr. 3rd, 2013 03:56 pm
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In just under a month (April 30th, midnight GMT), all writers should have submitted their 10k rough drafts to me. What will happen is that I'll run a word-count check on the drafts and then on May 1st, I'll make a post of all fic summaries for the artists to claim.

If you can't meet the word count but would still like to participate, please contact me. I'll make exceptions on a case by case basis. If you need to drop out, you can either let me know or just refrain from handing in a draft. I will NOT be chasing up drafts - if it's not in by the deadline, you're out of the big bang.

All drafts should be sent to this email address: 00qbang [at] gmail [.] com as an attachment. (All filetypes should work just fine.)
In the body of the email, please post an extensive summary (not the one you'd post with your fic, but a summary that gives the artists a more in-depth idea of what your fic is about. You don't have to reveal any twists or spoilery plot-points.)
If there are warnings for your fic, please add those too.

When all the fics have been claimed, I will email the draft to the artists who claimed the fic (with the writer on CC). From there, it's up to the artist-writer team to figure out the level of collaboration.

The final deadline for all works is July 1st. Further information about the deadline and posting will go up later.
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Preliminary sign-ups have ended! That means: Writer sign-ups are over, while artists, betas and cheerleaders can still come along.

Some of you have already started writing, which is awesome! And some of you don't yet know what to write. That's okay. I have faith in you. :)

A quick recap of the rules: Writers have until April 30th to complete a draft of 10.000 words and send it to me. Artists claim fics on May 1st and in the following days. ALL WORKS are due July 1st! Posting begins August 1st.

On to the list. The writers' list is closed (sixty writers signed up!), but I will be adding people to the other lists as they come along. Everyone is listed by the username they submitted under "preferred platform". For betas & cheerleaders I've linked to their sign-up comments, so that you can find their contact info as well as beta strengths, etc.
If I overlooked someone or made a mistake, please let me know and I'll fix it ASAP.



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Participants of the bigbang can use this post to discuss their progress with both fic and art. There'll be more discussion posts in the future if needed.

I have also set up a chatzy chatroom for the bigbang, for those who prefer a chat option. This room will remain open throughout the entire bigbang period. :) If there is a problem with the chatroom, don't hesitate to contact me.

I encourage you to use the chatroom or the discussion post to both socialise with other participants and to discuss bigbang related things. Sharing work and offering/asking for concrit and advice and plot ideas, etc. is all allowed.
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Now with the sign-ups open and writers hopefully plotting away, what better than a drabble/drawble challenge to get the creative juices flowing?

It's very simple in that there are no rules. I've provided a prompt table from [livejournal.com profile] 100_prompts for inspiration, but do feel free to use your own prompts. :D

So how does this work?
Either pick a prompt from the prompt table or a prompt in the comments to fill. You don't need fill a prompt if you prompt something, but if you prompt more than ten prompts, try to fill one prompt. :)

Linking to fills from external sources (for example if you choose to post your fill on tumblr) is cool. To make it easier for everyone to browse the comments, please put the prompt in the subject line of your comment. :)

Ready, set, GO!

001.Lively 002.Remorseful 003.Dismiss 004.Heavy 005.Forward
006.Prowl 007.Cut 008.Compromise 009.Impulse 010.Hush
011.Morals 012.Engage 013.Voice 014.Awkward 015.Lower
016.Plead 017.Caring 018.Believe 019.Found 020.Shield
021.Open 022.Tactile 023.Journey 024.Scowl 025.Hero
026.Untouchable 027.Hands 028.Powder 029.Obvious 030.Touch
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sign-ups are open all through february @ [livejournal.com profile] 00q_bb | drabble/drawble challenge!

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It's very easy. If you want to be part of the bigbang as either writer, artist, beta or cheerleader, you sign up in the comments using the appropiate sign up form. I'll ask for your emails if you're an artist or writer so that I can send you reminder emails close to the deadlines and so that I can set up the artists/writers after the claiming ends. :D


ETA: the AO3 question is there because I will get AO3 invites for those who would like one. If you don't have an account and would like an invite, just put YES and I'll tally and request the invites. If you don't want an account put no, and likewise if you already have an account, you can put no. You don't need to tell me your AO3 username now as I'll be asking for your posting platform/username anyway when we get to the posting, five months from here. :) All I need now is your contact info and a name. :D I hope that cleared up any confusion.





Before you sign up, make sure you've read the rules so that you know what you're signing up for! :D
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I am sorry for having been a bit absent; it's what the holidays do to you. I hope everyone had lovely holidays and got safely into the new year. ♥

It's January, it's 2013, and that means it's time for a REC PARTY. The rules are simple:

1) Link to the fanwork (please also put down the title + screenname of the creator)
2) A few words about why this fanwork is awesome

ALL RECS ARE ACCEPTABLE. I for one, would love podfic recs - are there even podfics in the 00Q fandom yet? NOW IS THE TIME TO FIND OUT.

Either drop your rec(s) in the comment here, or through the submit function on tumblr.
1) If submitting on tumblr, please use the 'rec party' tag + whatever other tags apply from the list. ♥
2) if commenting here, please put 'fic rec' or what it is you have, in the subject line.

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Hello everyone. :D I've got things brewing and while the rules and stuff won't be up quite yet (give it a week or two), I thought I'd share the the schedule for the other stuff that will be going on at the comm and the tumblr.

These activities are ope for everyone nd most aren't going to be directly related to the bigbang - so you don't have to be a participant of the bigbang to take part.

friending meme

fic & art rec party
(to tide us over waiting for sign ups)

drabble/drawble challenge (to kickstart the muses)

squee post of squee (in which we will squee over all things bondverse)

drabble/drawble challenge #2 (to shake up the writing process)

headcanon discussions (because why not?)

word wars & pencil races (to help us all getting finished on time)

???? (this is not a grand big surprise, I simply ran out of ideas XD)

I'll of course advertise everything as it happens. :D There will be posts here on the comm where stuff will be happening in the comments, but there will also be posts on the tumblr + I'll open the tumblr for submissions, so we can get the parties going in both places. Specifics will be made clear for each happening when it comes around. This is just a heads up. :D

LASTLY, the friending meme is still going strong, ofc, which is awesome. :D A friendly reminder that it's open throughout December. : (that doesn't mean I'll close it for comments or anything after December - you can always go there and make new friends and leave your own info - it simply means that in January the main focus will be the fic&art rec party. Etc.)

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I knew I'd forgotten something and it turned out to be pimping codes. XD

the friending meme is open all through december @ [livejournal.com profile] 00q_bb

I figure this is pretty self-explanatory? If you want to add some more text along with the banner, feel free. :) This is just a pretty banner with a link attached to it.
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To kickstart this comm (and bang) I've decided to host a friending meme, after [livejournal.com profile] valinorean suggested we should have one. Which we should!
Rules and Timelines and stuff will all be up in due time. I'm a busy person (at least this side of Christmas) and sign-ups won't begin until we've made it past doomsday and into 2013 not to mention, deciding when the sign-ups should be, so there's time. :)
I'm a hat and screwed up the poll in my journal, so have a new one. Please.  ♥
[Poll #1883048][Poll #1883048]
I'm thinking that the authors should have six months to write (maybe less, if we go with a lower word count?) and the artists should have as minimum three months to make art, and I hope the timelines I put up as options reflect that accurately. 

I'm open to any and all suggestions (do you hate the comm layout? do you want to know how exactly a bigbang works? do you have an awesome idea?) and you can voice them in the comments below, via PM, via tumblr ask (anon or no) ooor via email (00qbang at gmail dot com). :D 

FRIENDING MEME; you know the drill! Copy-paste and fill out.
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